• Cuentos de viejos / Old Folks’ Tales – Episode 1: Ysabel, Fear Comes Down from Heaven, (Spain, 1937) . 1st season 2013

    Ysabel tells how she lived the bombings over Bilbao during the Spanish Civil War. Especially an episode during which in a walk with her father she saw a German parachutist whose plane had been shot down by ground fire.

    Created by Marcelo Dematei, Anna Ferrer, Laura Piaggio & Carlos Smith. Transmedia documentary project.-coproducer by HIERROanimacion (Bogotá), Piaggiodematei (Barcelona), Señal Colombia (TV). Cuentos de Viejos/Old Folks' Tales1st Season (2013). 12x5' + 2x10'. More information: http://cuentosdeviejos.com (collaborative website) and https://www.facebook.com/OldFolksTales Dematei :  Creator, Director, Scriptwriter, Storyborder and Art Director.